Old Glory

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Neveau's latest is a murder investigation, similarly filled with subterranean currents of subtext beneath vividly colloquial dialogues...The murder in OLD GLORY occurs in Fallujah where-never mind the war-two American GIs who share a barracks drive each other to paroxysms of mutual loathing. (So no, Gertrude, this is not really a play about the war but about the homefront) ...The latent violence simmering between the soldiers-one a devotee of graphic novels, the other of real novels-speaks head-on to why the United States can't seem to generate a reasonable discourse with herself about anything that actually matters. The isolation of the three scenic compartments underscores that point... Like [Neveu's] American Dead, it's a penetratingly written rumination, a lament even, for something indescribable that's been lost in this country-and to this country." Steven Leigh Morris, L A Weekly